Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tiny Turtles --- Tried something new...Momma and Baby

I posted the pictures of my tiny turtles on facebook and I had a request to make some for a niece of mine. So I made a cute baby turtle using a thinner yarn. Then I got adventurous and thought I would make a Momma turtle that could come out of her shell. I basically just followed the same pattern for the body as the head but increased how large it got and was able to make the tail with the body. I tried to make the shell so the body could slip in and out easily but my first try was too small so I changed it so I made the top of the shell following the pattern and then created a circle and sewed the one side to the shell and added a button to attach the other shell. I unfortunately didn't take notes of my pattern. If I do make it again I will takes notes then.

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