Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Kitty Key Chain

My daughter was still asking for me to make a toy for the cats as the mouse I made was much too big and I found these kittens at Buddy Rumi. I have to say it is amazing how many free patterns are out there for us to use.

This was very quick to make and I didn't have to make any changes to it. My embroidered nose and whiskers are in pink (although in the picture you can't tell) and the nose is a bit better than on the hedgehogs.

There was a new stitch in this pattern that I had to look up how to do. It is the Invisible Decrease. When ever there is a new stitch for me to learn I just do a search for it and I can always find a video or instructions on how to do the stitch.
The following video does a great job of showing how to do this stitch.

I am sure I will make many more of these. My Daughter was pleased with this and decided to give it to her friend for her birthday as her friend loves cats.

My Kitten.

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