Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Odd Ball Mouse

My daughter was really liking the new creations I was making and had made a  request to make a cat or mouse toy for our cats. So in my search I found these Odd Ball Mice and thought I would give one a try.
The pattern comes from Woolly Toons blogspot. I used a larger hook and heavier weighted yarn, only because it was what I had.

 Her mice are cute and reminded me of the rats from the Muppets.

I made a just one change to my mouse and that was to make the inside of the ears pink.
I just crocheted a circle the right sized and stitched them in.
The eyes of my mouse are set too far apart and if I make any more of them I would make them actually touch.

My Odd Ball Mouse. 

I placed him a little closer to the cat in this next picture.

The camera really picks up the white stuffing through the crochet holes. You don't see these normally. Not only do I need to improve on my embroidery skills but my picture taking skills. Perhaps I should use something other than my BlackBerry to take the pictures with.

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