Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ralph the Rabbit

I wanted to try to make a bunny out of the same basic pattern as the Giraffe and Moose I made. I also wanted to try to make it out off less colours to see if that would decrease the time it takes to make it. However, it took so long to try to figure out how to make the head and ears since I only had a picture for inspiration that I don't know if it took less time with less colours.

I have to admit, I like the colours of the Giraffe and Moose better than the rabbit but it turned out well none the less.

Ralph with his friends
The inspiration for Ralph came from the following image. If you click the image it brings you to the Stip en Haak site where they have some really cool crochet ideas.

Inspiration for Ralph

For Ralph I didn't do the invisible joins like I did with Mister Moose and Striped Giraffe and the joins are much more noticeable.

See the ears in the picture below. You can really see the jogs.

 This next picture shows the joins in the bodies of the critters.I used the invisible join method in Mister Moose and Stripped Giraffe but not in Ralph.  I will always use invisible joins from now on.

I took notes on the pattern changes for Ralph and I will add them when I have a bit more time.

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